The Arisia schedule is bursting with relevant writing and reading panels this year, from “Female Relationships in Fiction” and “Where’s Our Fromance?” about why stories are less likely to show female friendships than male ones (and what we can do about this), to “Writing the Unseen: The Supernatural in Fiction” and “Embracing the Alien: Writing Believable ETs.”

Other anticipated topics run the gamut from “Writing War” to “Fluff and You: The Worth of Fun Reads.” In between are small group workshops like “Writing and Tarot” (how to write about it and how to use it to write), literature talks on “Time Traveling Romance,” and craft-based discussions about “Writing Fights That Matter” and “Panaroma: Writing Memorable Settings.”

Finally, no summation of upcoming Arisia delights would be complete with mentioning the thought-provoking title, “Why Does Space Get the Opera and Cyber the Punk?”

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