Here’s what I like about publishing ebooks on Amazon: it’s so easy to update them! No matter how many times something has been seen, there’s always something unseen, some new issue to enjoy or to fix. I’m talking about typos, but I’m also talking about fonts, titles, summaries, and book covers.

If I had to get every single thing about my book right on the first try, making it perfect before I published it, I’d never publish anything. Even if I achieved perfection, I wouldn’t believe it, and I wouldn’t publish for fear that I would either find a flaw later or that I would simply change my mind and want to do something differently.

Since Amazon ebooks don’t require an ISBN, I can make revisions any time I want. I can change the title, or the series title. I can change the cover so it uses a different image or sequence of fonts without creating a new edition. I can replace the entire interior content of my book if I want to.

I’ve always wanted to be able to return to, review, and revise my work after it’s been shared. I didn’t know how easy it would be, or how rewarding it would feel to make a change and see it replace the former work instead of just adding another version.

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