I’m very near-sighted. I have to wear my glasses to see my computer screen. But I’m getting older, and I have to take my glasses off to see my phone. When I started using a tablet, I found myself in exactly the wrong vision zone: too far from my face to see without glasses, too close to read comfortably with them.

So I got some “computer glasses,” lenses that correct my vision most of the way but aren’t as strong as the ones I use for driving. Basically the bottom half of a bifocal, but for the whole lens. They’re great, but it’s when I’m wearing them for things other than reading on a tablet that I notice the difference.

When I wear my computer glasses to walk the dog, I preferentially notice things that are close by. It’s not deliberate; it’s just that that’s what’s in focus, so that’s what I look at. It’s surprising to me how much more obvious the close things are when I wear glasses that don’t bring the distant things into focus.

I imagine I would pay more attention to the events of my days if I wasn’t constantly envisioning the years ahead.

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