Saryn of Elisia


Episode 3: Incursion
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction. Empaths, border colonies, gay & lesbian, polyfidelity. Adventure, alien politics, space opera.


Elisia is a colony on the galactic frontier, established as a safe harbor for those with unusual psychic powers. The planet is defended by an elite wing of fighter pilots, their physical and cognitive abilities increased by nanorobotic enhancers, and they’re looking for a leader.

In the third episode, Lyris decides he’d rather quit than serve on the same team as Saryn. Kris prefers to fire Saryn (and Jenna, if necessary) rather than lose Lyris. She tells Saryn and Lyris to work it out and let her know in the morning, but an ambush on one of their own forces them back into space that night.

When the raiders turn out to be more ambitious than anyone expected, Elisia joins forces with a neighboring system to hold them off. Jenna’s skill in a firefight is uncanny, but Saryn is quickly outnumbered and overwhelmed. His ship’s artificial intelligence does its best to keep him breathing, flying, and fighting: mostly in that order.

Lyris and Jenna take turns worrying when he finally goes down.

eBook episode available from: ~ $0.99
Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2018

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