The Lost Fleet


Episode 2: Stand Off
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction/young adult. Found spaceships, aliens in the news, meeting the galaxies. Agender character, high school friendship.


In the second episode of “The Lost Fleet,” Ash and her friends return from the lunar platform. They’re greeted by the state police and the National Guard, all of whom are alarmed by unidentified air traffic leaving an unknown launch site and heading for the moon. Astrea calls for alien backup even as a police lieutenant believes her story and tries to defuse the situation.

The new pilots make a pact to stick together, which means no one gets into a police car alone. They spend the ride to the station using social media to get the word out about aliens, spaceships, and the exceptionally helpful role of law enforcement. They swap contact information and create a new hashtag in the process.

Astrea’s alien family is waiting for them when they arrive, and public interest escalates quickly.

eBook episode available from: ~ $0.99
Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2018

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