XMR3: Finding Time
by StarAndrea


Science fiction/romance. Gay & lesbian, polyamory, adventure. Extrasensory perception, space opera, time travel.


The aliens on Earth have their own police force: the Earth Planetary Defense, which employs Sky and periodically pays Jack for services rendered. They're not the only ones keeping an eye on things. In the far future, time police will look back on these years and wonder if there's anything they could have done better.


As a member of the Earth Planetary Defense, Sky is often at odds with aliens and humans alike. His status as an undercover agent among the anti-integration elite has become more controversial since his marriage to Jack. Both men find themselves caught between privilege and responsbility as they try to build a life based on something other than their public personas.

Jack's friends aren't pleased with his new alliance either, but he's more concerned with Sky's seemingly endless list of enemies: ninja, time travelers, even his own employer. Their unplanned honeymoon begins as yet another social subterfuge when Sky needs to a plausible reason to miss work until his powers settle down. Jack agrees anyway, and they get out of the city overnight.

They're kidnapped by operatives of a temporal police agency the moment they arrive at their supposedly secret destination. Sky is quickly clear on one thing: everyone involved is much more interested in Jack than they are in him. It's an unprecedented opportunity to learn about Jack's past, and Jack is as surprised as anyone else that the explanation lies in the future.

If they can survive their honeymoon, the sudden disappearance of Jack's sister, and the end of Sky's assignment, they may yet fulfill the terms of their contract.

eBook available from the following bookstores:

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Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2009

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Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2007

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