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XMR3: Finding Time
by StarAndrea



Science fiction/romance. Erotica, gay & lesbian, polyamory. Extrasensory perception, space age, futuristic, time travel, adventure.


For adult audiences only, this story of extrasensory romance and adventure follows Come the Dawn. Jack's friends aren't thrilled with his new alliance, but he's more concerned with Sky's seemingly endless list of enemies: ninja, time travelers, even his own employer. Their honeymoon begins as just one more on a long list of social subterfuges. It turns into their last stand against politics that aren't confined to their city or their time when Jack's sister disappears and Sky's assignment comes to an end.


As a member of the Earth Planetary Defense, Sky is frequently at odds with aliens and humans alike. His status as an undercover agent among the anti-integration elite has become more controversial since his marriage to Jack. Both men find themselves caught between privilege and responsbility when they try to build a life based on something other than their public personas.

They do find common ground in their efforts to bring the ninja to justice. When they're kidnapped by operatives of a temporal police agency, the future too presents a shared opportunity: unravel the mystery of Jack's past before his uncertainty drives them apart. If they can survive their honeymoon, the disappearance of Jack's sister, and the end of Sky's assignment, then they may yet fulfill the terms of their contract.


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