XMR2: Come the Dawn
by StarAndrea


Science fiction/romance. Gay & lesbian, polyamory, adventure. Extrasensory perception, space opera, time travel.


In the city of New Haven, the Earth Planetary Defense keeps a watchful eye on alien integration. Teams patrol the streets around the EPD base to encourage peaceful coexistence between Sirian refugees and the natives of Earth. There are those who resent this interference and are willing to enlist unusual and powerful allies to keep the elite police force in check.


Sky's friends help him hide his emerging empathic abilities from the Earth Planetary Defense, but his undercover status is compromised by his husband's presence and the effect Jack's proximity has on him. Jack is no safer on the streets for his sudden association with the law and the city's elite.

Now under attack by a secret ninja order, Sky and his family can not prevent the EPD's further involvement in High Society. Sky's team covers for him where it can, but his assignment is threatened by Jack's inability to follow the rules of either world. Sky’s partner and his team are only sympathetic enough to tolerate his husband, not to encourage him.

Jack’s sister stands by him, but even she questions his priorities, and their people want nothing to do with Jack as soon as they see Sky. It doesn’t stop Jack from wanting to help: his friends, Sky’s friends, and apparently anyone else he meets. It would be frustrating if Sky didn’t find it so charming. He keeps his mouth shut and his hands to himself as long as he can, but even Jack knows it won’t be forever.

Together, Sky and Jack will have to find a way to honor the terms of their marriage contract without sabotaging each other.

eBook available from the following bookstores:

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Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2008

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Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2008

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