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XMR1: Our City, Our Night
by StarAndrea



Science fiction/romance. Erotica, gay & lesbian, polyamory. Extrasensory perception, space age, futuristic, time travel, adventure.


For adult audiences only, this is a story of extrasensory romance and adventure. In Earth's near future, extraterrestrial refugees are trying to integrate with a more evolved human race. Mental empathy now manifests in the general population, defining an upper class that favors human-alien segregation. The job of keeping the peace falls to the Earth Planetary Defense. But one member of this elite police force finds his loyalties in conflict when a chance meeting and an accidental marriage make his psychic powers flare.


During a time when Earth is filled with alien refugees from another star system, the human race has continued to evolve. More than the occasional psychic savant, extrasensory powers now manifest in the general population. For some, human empaths are the final word on any relationship. These arbiters have become people of privilege in a "High Society" that doesn't welcome alien influence.

Caught between the old and the new is a man who rejected his empathic birthright and joined the more progressive movement toward interstellar integration. Part of a police force that maintains order among the aliens, he works undercover in High Society by night. When he meets someone who doesn't trust his past and can't accept his future, he is forced to live day by day... in the present, with the man he accidentally married.


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