Ships in Service #3


Ships in Service #3: Perception
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction. Living spaceships, telepathic communication, alien ports, adventure, space opera.


Casian has found a place among the crew of the organic ship she loves. The ship doesn't like it when she calls herself crew, though: Deyn would prefer she think of herself as family. This strains Casian’s relationship with the ship’s captain and causes uncertainty among the rest of the crew.

Anna is happy for Deyn, but it's difficult to lead a crew when half of them look to Casian for instructions instead of her. Casian doesn't want a leadership role, making the situation more frustrating for both of them. Deyn alternates between unconcerned and counterproductive, and the rest of her family is more interested than helpful.

When Deyn's human form starts appearing to anyone who touches her skin, with none of the usual side effects that go with shared perception, her interaction with the crew is suddenly more direct. Anna is cautious of the newfound communication, but not everyone is willing to wait. Deyn is impatient with Anna and happy to encourage the others.

Casian finds herself caught in the middle when Deyn and Anna stop talking to each other. Anna restricts the ship to test flights until they know more about what’s happening, and Casian is subject to experiments by Deyn’s family. Through it all the human Deyn is at her side, and Casian can only wonder what the ship sees when it looks at her.

eBook available from the following bookstore: ~ .mobi format, $3.99
Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2018

Print book available: ~ $9.99
Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2018

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