Border Rangers #1


Saryn of Elisia
by starandrea

General Audience.


Science fiction. Empaths, border colonies, gay & lesbian, polyfidelity. Adventure, alien politics, space opera.


Elisia is a colony on the galactic frontier, established as a safe harbor for those with unusual psychic powers. Out on the border of known space, resources are limited. Many planets support teams of enhanced fighter pilots to ward off raiders.

Saryn is an Elisian colonist with a foreign appearance and an offworld accent. As a diplomat, he uses other people’s assumptions to his advantage. He hides a secret they don't suspect: he’s psychic, and his powers aren’t allowed in interplanetary politics.

When Saryn is suddenly recruited to fly in defense of his planet, he learns that pilot enhancers boost more than just physical abilities. His psychic powers become too strong to be concealed, and his new team will have to choose: him, or the truth.

eBook available from the following bookstore: ~ .mobi format, $3.99
Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2018

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