Harold & Al (5)

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Harold and Al (5): The Dragon in the Room
by marcicat

General Audience.


Science fiction/young adult. Kids, cats, extended families, traveling, alien politics.


Harold and Al end up hosting Thanksgiving dinner in someone else's house, which makes them realize that it's time to look for their own. Harold's standards are low: he wants a red house with a big porch. His cat is more discriminating, however, and he and Al get some alien help locating a new place to live. Apparently a lot of the aliens plan to come and go from the house themselves... which might concern Harold more if he wasn't so busy ignoring his upcoming high school reunion.


The first thing that goes wrong is Thanksgiving dinner. Harold and Al no longer have a house, but it turns out that they're expected to host the holiday meal anyway. Their first trip to the store reveals a second problem: publicity.

Apparently everyone in town noticed that their house burned down. Anyone not after them for more information is "helping" them find a new one, which gets old fast. By the time they stumble over the right place, Harold and Al have been adopted by several planets, three alien factions, and two college students hoping to move in with them.

The new place has room, so Harold agrees. Al is busy setting up a new doorway in the basement, and their house becomes an intergalactic bus stop overnight. Luckily, the students know how to organize: white boards go up, indoor grass goes down, and a mail station opens by the stairs.

Al invents emergency beacons for layover guests. The FBI agrees to turn a blind eye to law-abiding aliens. All goes well until the phones stop working and mysterious objects begin to appear in a field behind the house.

Harold figures it could be worse: he still hasn't agreed to attend his high school reunion.


Not yet available.
Pocket book (4.25" x 6.88") 246 pages
Distributed by Lulu.com
Publisher: Pink Aura Press
© 2009

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