Children of Power #6


Children of Power #6: Lightning
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction/young adult. Deafness, sign language, coming of age. Alien politics, adventure, space opera.


The sixth in the "Children of Power" series, this book follows the remaining Smith Valley students after graduation. Most of them are planning vacations and future employment, but as soon as they leave they begin to reunite with former classmates. It turns out the universe didn't stop while they were in school.


Jenni and Michiko graduate from Smith Valley, and they've made plans for a vacation on Calijyt before starting freelance work along the Border. Roris is headed for Eltare after a visit home, but Ziah is secretive about his intinerary. He tells Jenni only that she should stay away from Earth, and not to believe everything she sees in the news.

She and Michiko arrive on Calijyt to find Hope waiting for them there. Hope is supposed to be on Alandia with Kechana, and Roris supplies proof that she is. She's also on Calijyt. Hope says she's chasing political leads in an effort to help Earth without endangering her own home, and she thinks Michiko can help.

Hope's traveling companions come looking for her when she doesn't come back. Jenni bonds with Metta over language and argues with Jastavika over the same. In the meantime, Terra is on her way with a ship and news of family: their mother is heading home to Earth.

When Ziah reappears with a friend they haven't seen since the mid-term break and some very important people after them, everyone's plans change.

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