Children of Power #5

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Children of Power #5: Hope's Border
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction/young adult. Sign language, gay & lesbian, coming of age, introspective. Alien politics, adventure, space age, futuristic.


The fifth in the "Children of Power" series, this book follows Hope, Kechana, and Kae when they choose not to complete their year at Smith Valley. Events in the rest of the galaxies call them home to represent what they believe: Kechana to the dolphins, Kae to the service of self-determination... and Hope must decide what "home" means to her.


Hope returns for the second half of her year at Smith Valley only to find that Kae has not. When she asks why, the campus AI informs her that student records are confidential, so Hope calls home for the first time since she ran away--and learns that her family doesn't know where Kae is either.

Other students are starting to leave as well: high-profile people who are recalled home with no warning and little explanation. When Kechana is asked to return to her former position as liaison by the same employers who suspended her before, Hope insists on going with her. Kechana thinks the timing is a coincidence. Hope thinks there's a conspiracy at work, and she wants to know what's behind it.

When Kae shows up at Kechana's home on Alandia, injured and looking for help, Hope feels vindicated. But Kae doesn't know what's going on either, and the best he can do is offer her a front-row seat to intergalactic confusion. Kechana presses the dolphins for information while Hope, Kae, and KERI try to turn up answers on Earth.


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