Children of Power #4


Children of Power #4: Guardian
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction/young adult. Alien politics, artificial intelligence, adventure, space opera. Deafness, sign language, lesbian & gay, coming of age.


The fourth in the "Children of Power" series, this book concludes the mid-term break from Smith Valley. Kae is taking advantage of his vacation to work when he encounters KERI doing the same. Michiko and Jenni meet up with classmates and dolphins on Alandia before going back to school.


The mid-term break at Smith Valley means that Kae can finally get some work done. Since Hope has managed to keep herself out of trouble for several days in a row, he accepts a reconnaissance mission to Sirian space and a followup undercover operation on Earth. The first person he encounters isn't a person at all, but the android avatar used by the Smith Valley AI: also undercover, and surprisingly willing to help him.

KERI claims to be bored, and it turns out she isn't kidding. She sets herself up as his "security coordinator" and keeps an eye on anyone trying to sabotage him without being asked. She offers her opinion freely, and it's surprisingly helpful: between his family's observations and her speculation, they make Kae's company contacts work for them.

While Kae and KERI pursue the Sirians' true purpose on Earth, Michiko and Jenni are on their way back to Smith Valley. The nearest transportation hub happens to be Roris' homeworld, so they get him to give them a tour during their layover. When the three of them look up Kechana to see if she'll introduce them to her dolphin friends, it turns out that she already has a visitor of her own.

Hope is on Alandia, where she and Kechana are making the most of the vacation they have left.

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