Children of Power #3

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Children of Power #3: Lights of Home
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction/young adult. Deafness, gay & lesbian, coming of age, introspective. Alien politics, adventure, space age, futuristic.


The third in the "Children of Power" series, this book celebrates holiday spirit: annual rains during the Winter Festival on Jenni's terraformed homeworld, and then the Christmas season with Michiko's family on Earth.


The mid-year break at Smith Valley coincides with the Elisian Winter Festival, a time on Jenni's terraformed homeworld to celebrate the only annual rainfall the desert receives. Michiko meets Jenni's parents, neither of whom are deaf, along with neighbors and friends with varying degrees of signing ability during the festivities. Jenni's twin sister Terra is their co-conspirator in activities that are more entertaining than educational.

The easy interaction Jenni shares with her family and friends makes Michiko worry all the more about Earth. They have plans to celebrate Christmas with Michiko's parents before their vacation is over, but all of Jenni's sign languages are alien and Michiko isn't sure how her family will react. Her younger brother has never been offworld. Her dad didn't want her going to Smith Valley in the first place. Even if they muddle through extended family introductions, not to mention the issue of who sleeps where, Michiko is worried that Jenni will feel excluded by her language alone.


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