Children of Power #2

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Children of Power #2: Runaway
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction/young adult. Deafness, gay & lesbian, coming of age, introspective. Alien politics, adventure, space age, futuristic.


The second in the "Children of Power" series, this book follows several of the Smith Valley students as they depart for the mid-year break. Jenni and Michiko are on their way to meet Jenni's family on Elisia, while Hope goes home with her brother, Kae, and spends as much time as possible avoiding her parents.


Smith Valley's mid-year break comes as a welcome vacation for many of its students. Jenni and Michiko plan to spend the time together, and their first stop is the frontier planet Elisia: Jenni's homeworld, where her parents and twin sister are waiting. The last day of school is relaxed and somewhat haphazard, the shuttle schedule is tight, and the nearest transportation hub is packed with departing students.

Public transport sounds like a luxury to Hope when half her family shows up on school grounds to collect her and her brother. She's hustled home to the colony moon of RS-42, leaves the house as soon as she arrives, and spends the the rest of her vacation with friends. Her friends introduce her to a shapeshifting apocalyptic roleplay, their friends teach her about crystals and paper-folding, and she wanders into a telepathic retreat all on her own.

Hope pays everyone back with laser tag and decides that vacation is at least as educational as the school year itself.


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