Autumn of Whin


V. Cute (Autumn of Whin)
by Whinnie

General Audience.


Picture book. Seasonal, family, dogs, getting older.


Whinnie the cairn terrier is getting ready for winter. She says goodbye to her summer haunts, checks up on the chipmunks, and takes good care of herself as the leaves start to fall. This means lots of blankets on chilly days, good company, and plenty of sleep in the places that are the most comfortable.

Her family helps her stay warm and find her favorite toys, while Whinnie watches everything that changes with the seasons: the color of the leaves, the length of the nights, and the size of the pumpkins! Together they enjoy the passing days that turn into a season.

Print book available: ~ $9.99
Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2015

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