• 02-26-2018

    Books Update

    Working to provide digital distribution through retailers like Amazon and iBooks, the main draw being improved accessibility in a world of proprietary ereaders and apps. Also, my promise to learn something about epub creation has finally been kept (largely thanks to Apple's Pages). Reflowable text for all!


  • 01-21-2017

    Fic Update

    Kind of enjoying the hybrid design! I'm updating some of the fic pages to reflect my recent AO3 stories. All of Marci's AO3 stories are backed up on dreamwidth at marcicatverse.


  • 01-25-2015

    Return of the Stars

    Once upon a time, when college life was good and leisure abundant, a barefoot girl set out to make herself a website full of stars. The website was sparkly and prospered until it outgrew the free server upon which it resided. It moved to its own domain where it exemplified, as Rain Fletcher once said, "the minimalist approach to web design."

    That website lives on at If you're wandering around, you'll see that we're running a sort of hybrid design right now: fancy blue cover pages that still link to content in the simpler white layout. The white layout will largely transition to blue in the coming months (fic will stay black on white for ease of reading).

    In the meantime, the stars are back on the front page where they belong, and the stories continue for as long as fandom will have us. Thanks for being part of the ride!