About Us

StarAndrea and marcicat are two fannish sisters who love to read and write. They joined the online fic community in 1997 and started publishing their work to print in 2007. They've since expanded into ebooks, and their work can be purchased directly from the author or through online retailers like Amazon and Kobo.

StarAndrea writes primarily space opera, motivated by an early and enduring love of all things Star Trek. They've written a variety of space-based and alien-inclusive series, including space college (Children of Power), living spaceships (Ships in Service), and psychic alien police (XMR). They're currently working on a story about defending colonies on the space frontier.

marcicat writes about the everyday life of people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. The genre might be called "daily adventure," or "what do heroes talk about when they're waiting for the next excitement?" The stories include cats, magic, aliens, and travel (both fantastic and mundane).